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This term – related to the word collage - includes a variety of methods used by artists to create a printable surface. Here you can see collagraphs* printed from wood, card, cloth, thick paper and metal. (* see Publications section)

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The main process here is papermaking. Sometimes sheets of varying colour are formed from different coloured pulps and there may be additional printing from wood or metal. Papercasting involves the damp paper drying on a textured surface so that it takes up the texture of that surface.

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Work in Series


The artworks in this section are presented in families of similar colour variants. Each example is unique but it is a close relative - in design - to the others in the series.

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Recent Work


Etching* means that diluted acid has been used to erode the surface of zinc, steel or copper prior to printing. There are also prints from the surface of perforated metal or gauze and others where materials have been glued to a metal base plate.
(*see Resources section)

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Decorative Papers


These designs have been made by hand-printing from lino blocks and cut pencil erasers or they have been made using the Japanese itajime process (see Resources section).

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Larger Works


A selection of recent, larger works mostly using Peter Ford's hand made paper. For more information or contact: enquiries@peterford.org.uk

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